Creative Director

Suzie Turner, founder and creative director of Suzie Turner Couture has a true understanding of all elements of the craft of couture. At the age of 15 Suzie embarked on her training with a men’s tailor. By 17 she was creating bespoke garments for private clients. 20 years later she had mastered her craft. The fundamental techniques she learned throughout her training are intrinsic to her work today. 30 years after establishing her couture house, she continues to hone her craft and secure the future of British couture by passing on her expertise.

“These days seem like only weeks ago but in fact nearly 30 years on, I raise my head from the sewing machine and others are calling me a Couturier – yes, it is a label that we use to describe what we do, but in essence I am a dressmaker, pattern cutter, hand finisher, and the most important ingredient that makes up who I am – a dreamer.” – Suzie Turner interview for Forbes Magazine, 2021.