The Atelier

The Suzie Turner Couture atelier located in central London has a team of highly skilled seamstresses and artisans, all trained in house. Every artisan is fully trained in each embroidery and embellishment technique before working on a couture garment to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship. These intricate techniques can take months to perfect and the creation of a couture gown can take upwards of 1,000 hours to complete. 

Our philosophy is to create future vintage, where the craftsmanship would be admired and cherished for decades to come. Hand crafted luxury is at the heart of Suzie Turner Couture.

The technical complexity of a Suzie Turner Couture gown is truly breathtaking. Using elements of tailoring with a strong emphasis on the pattern cutting every gown is crafted to perfectly fit the client. Using only the finest fabrics from world renowned mills brings each creation to life. 

 Embroidery is a cornerstone in couture. Instrumental in making a piece feel bespoke, our artisans spend hours perfecting the embroidered elements of our pieces. The hand embroidered labels are the finishing touch to all of our creations.