The ‘Beyond Brand’ experience at Suzie Turner is a carefully curated capsule collection, which is unique to the client.   ‘Beyond Brand’ is a series of steps which enables us to understand the client’s individual signature style. From shadowing the client, observing her lifestyle, editing her wardrobe and gaining an understanding of who she is and how she lives her life, we are then able to create a unique, couture collection especially for her.   We observe the way in which she moves and how she holds herself, influencing what silhouettes and cuts would be comfortable and suitable. We also analyse colours, seeing which specific colours and shades work perfectly for the client. With ‘Beyond Brand’, we create a unique label and logo which is hand embroidered into every piece, along with subtle details that are exclusive to her. From here, a unique and signature collection is presented within three different levels. Initially starting at the base level, this collection consists of 5 daywear pieces such as skirts, blouses and dresses. Phase two is an extended collection, which introduces coats and formal wear. The higher level includes evening pieces and bridal. We understand that the discerning woman of today wishes to create pieces that highlight her personal identity. She has a strong sense of self and style, and is inspired by what is on the runway as well as what is seen on the street, therefore giving her a desire to create something exclusive to her.   Throughout this journey, our advisory service is always offered and we assist with accessories and styling. Being a ‘Beyond Brand’ client, they are permanently looked after with all alterations and mending of any pieces.


“When clients put on their custom Suzie Turner gown, it’s what fuels my business and gets me up in the morning. The ‘Beyond Brand’ service enables us to reach further into providing the height of exclusivity; it is one thing to own one couture gown, but for the client to open their wardrobe and see an entire custom collection made to fit them and only them. That is something truly special.”

Suzie Turner interview for Forbes Magazine, 2021