Beyond Brand

‘Beyond Brand’ is a service at Suzie Turner Couture that is unrivalled in luxury.

It curates a bespoke collection of ready-to-wear tailoring, under your own label, unique logo, and exclusive colourways.


We are dedicated to creating more than just beautiful gowns.

At ‘Beyond Brand’, we take a holistic approach to building the ultimate wardrobe for you.


Developed over time and strengthened with each consultation and fitting, we also take an in-depth understanding of your lifestyle and existing wardrobe to capture your individuality and essence.


By taking a comprehensive approach to wardrobe building, we can create truly unique and personalised collections for your daily outfits.

It is an ultimate expression of self – from classic pieces to bold statement items, we have the expertise and creativity necessary to bring your dream wardrobe to life.

“When clients put on their custom Suzie Turner gown, it’s what fuels my business and gets me up in the morning.

The ‘beyond brand’ service enables us to reach further into providing the height of exclusivity; it is one thing to own one couture gown, but for the client to open their wardrobe and see an entire custom collection made to fit them and only them. That is something truly special.”

— Suzie Turner interview for Forbes magazine, 2021