Beyond Brand

Beyond Brand is the ultimate expression of self. A luxury service where a bespoke collection is carefully created to perfectly suit the client, their personal style, and their way of life. 

Beyond Brand goes further than creating beautiful pieces. We work to build on the client’s signature style to create the ultimate wardrobe by observing their lifestyle, studying their wardrobe and developing an understanding of the individual’s essence. Everything is completely bespoke. The clients individuality is captured perfectly.

We perfect every measurement down to the millimetre to ensure the ultimate fit. We study the nature of the client, deciphering what silhouettes, cuts, and colour palettes are to be used in order to successfully portray the client’s personality through fashion.

The connection between artisan and client is truly special. Developing over time and strengthening with each consultation, fitting and collection piece. This element is unique to Beyond Brand. 

With Beyond Brand the client has the unique opportunity to have their vision realised and their dream wardrobe brought to life. 

“When clients put on their custom Suzie Turner gown, it’s what fuels my business and gets me up in the morning. The ‘Beyond Brand’ service enables us to reach further into providing the height of exclusivity; it is one thing to own one couture gown, but for the client to open their wardrobe and see an entire custom collection made to fit them and only them. That is something truly special.”

Suzie Turner interview for Forbes Magazine, 2021